You are what you eat, so why not be perfect?


I lived in Washington, DC area in Northern Virginia, and worked in Arlington for some time. I went to various eatery places during my lunch time. One of the places was making extremely delicious pitas stuffed with gyro, salad, home-made hummus and white sauce. The place was called “The Perfect Pita”.


What really caught my attention, it was their slogan: “You are what you eat, so why not be perfect?” When I thought a little bit about it, the idea is really deep by itself - the food we eat turns into building block of our bodies. If we want to have the perfect bodies, we want to eat the food that is perfect for our bodies: all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

So when we use the Plexus TriPlex System, for example, we get rid of the unhealthy gut bacteria that has our gut-brain enslaved, craving more and more junk food to satisfy its enormous appetite. We are able to switch to healthy foods without internal torture, becoming healthier and happier every day.


Haha! I love this! And this is so true. I love that Plexus has really been a tool to help me makes those changes to put good things in my body. You are right on with our bodies craving junk food. I have seen such a huge difference in my cravings since starting Plexus!


That is such a logical and obvious way to look at it. If I eat candy bars, and other processed foods, then it makes sense that I’m feeding unnatural, unintended microbes in my gut… likely the ones I don’t want to feed.

Seems the solution is pretty simple… kill the bad stuff… and feed the good stuff. I love how Plexus makes me feel that even if I may have a day where I feed the bad a little… at least I’m feeding the good flora so that it can do its job!