What is your WHY?


I recently chatted with a friend who really opened up my mind about how vital it is to have a WHY in network marketing. He told me that my WHY needs to be a part of my message every time I share Plexus. If I am sharing a product I love, why do I use it? How is that product connected to my WHY?

For example, my WHY for starting this business and using the products was to get control of my life. I wanted to feel like I decided what my future was. I was tired of being controlled by my cravings, my husbands paycheck and the limiting beliefs society set on us. When I share Slim, I might say, “I love this product because it helps me with my sugar cravings and helps me feel in control of my body!”

We need to be careful that when we post or share the products we are never just rattling off information about the products and why its the best product on the market! Instead connect it to your WHY!

What is your WHY for joining Plexus?

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I have to add an “AMEN” to this Gem. Without a path, you could end up anywhere. When the business seems impossible and your network has dried up, you’ve got to reach deep into that why and train your mind to see obstacles as opportunities. Fight through the flight reaction, stick your ground and fight for WHY you started this journey.