Welcome to Jewel 💎 Bound!


The Jewel Bound community is a social network where Independent Plexus Ambassadors can uplift and inspire one another as we all embrace the joy and power of Plexus!

What can we do here?

  • Get your Daily Dose of motivation and inspiration
  • Ask your questions and get answers from other experienced ambassadors
  • Share the knowledge you’ve obtained and learned from others
  • Start a Discussion
  • Post a Blog, or other content to motivate and inspire one another

Are you tired of having the same conversations and answering the same questions over and over in Facebook Messenger or other community group silos? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’re all in this to learn how to enhance our lives by using these life-changing products in the best ways possible! Let’s all work as ONE Plexus to help one another succeed and become the jewels that we are destined to be!