Weekly Check-in for 2019-01-28


Let’s make this the best week of our lives! Be sure to check-in and hold yourself accountable for your goals this week! Post a reply in the morning to share your plans for the day, and/or come back in the evening to share your success or crow about what you accomplished today with your goals!

What are you working on this week?

  • Weight Loss Goals?
  • Work or Family Goals?
  • Business Building Goals?
  • Personal Development Goals?


My goals this week is to hit Gold ambassador by the end of January! I’m getting so close!


You can do it! You are so close, Jamie!



I am working on building an on boarding course for new plexus ambassadors. It is called the Plexus Ambassador Complete Training (PACT) course.

It’s intense. There’s a ton of content. But it will be such a valuable resource for new ambassadors who are truly committed to building a successful Plexus business.

My goal is to have that course 100% done and ready for consumption by the end of this week! In addition I’d like to have a couple other courses build out, but probably a bit more raw