Weekly Check-in for 2019-01-16


It’s another beautiful January day! Be sure to check-in and hold yourself accountable for your goals this week! Post a reply in the morning to share your plans for the day, and/or come back in the evening to share your success or crow about what you accomplished today with your goals!

What are you working on this week?

  • Weight Loss Goals?
  • Work or Family Goals?
  • Business Building Goals?
  • Personal Development Goals?


What a wonderful day to be alive! The beauty of life is that even though the sun of opportunity sets on us, every single day, we have the dawn of opportunity when the sun rises on the next day!

I missed my goal of cold contacting yesterday.

Today I plan to:

  • Make 10+ cold contacts
  • Do a Plexus post on Social media
  • Write a Daily Gem for this community!
  • Be present with kids, with hyperfocus on them, during @Jamie_Dayton’s IPA time.
  • Be in bed by 8:30 tonight so I can be up by 4am tomorrow!

Here’s to hope!


This!! This is how busy moms and dads make this business work, AND get quality time with the littles in! Love you guys!


I didn’t do so well at my goals last week! I’m on a bit of a different track right now.

I’m turning my efforts inward to build the Plexus Ambassador Complete Training course. We are going to make this available to all new ambassadors as a way to get their feet wet with Plexus.