Weekly Check-in for 2019-01-14


Take a moment to check-in and hold yourself accountable for your goals!

Post a reply in the morning to share your plans for the day, and/or come back in the evening to share your success or crow about what you accomplished today with your goals!


Today is already off to a great start! I was up at 5:30 and did some family gospel study planning for the week.

I got a solid upper-body workout in and today I’ll be hitting my business hard… in a way I never have before! I have about 100 leads that we bought a while back and I’m going to be doing some cold calling. Jamie and I plan to enroll at least two ambassadors, today!

What are your goals for the day @Aujelle_Hutchings @Jamie_Dayton @mlocke @Lissachidester @Kaylinn_Morrell and @arinj17?!


Hey, sorry I didn’t get in sooner! My goal today was to get familiar with the points of Super Saturday since we missed it!! Was able to learn enough to share the You+Me fast start incentive with one of our brand new teammates!!