To Drown or Not to Drown?


You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there!
~ Edwin Louis Cole

We’ve all made mistakes and had bad days. Heck, most of us have probably already made a handful of mistakes, today! But that doesn’t mean we have to drown in these mistakes or missteps. On the contrary! We should take a moment for introspection to critique our fall. How, why, and when did we fall? How can we avoid the same fall when a similar circumstance presents itself?

Wallowing in our weaknesses and mistakes is like making the choice to drown. Instead, we can make the choice to exercise a parcel of willpower, by taking the effort to STRETCH out our feet, and realize that solid footing is always only a few inches away. By taking the time to identify and deliberate over our mistakes, we make the choice to get out of the suffocating water and start breathing again. Doing this daily will get us out of the water in no time and we can get back on solid ground with firm footing, and do our best to make new mistakes!

Just remember this when you fall into the water again. We will always fall. But never choose to drown!

I’ll leave you with these inspiring words from Alfred ツ

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Such a good movie, and a great quote. Thanks for this insight!