The Dreaded To Do List


The dreaded ‘To Do List’!

Is yours overwhelming you? Here’s what to do right now…

Grab your list and do these 2 steps:

For everything on the list ask yourself this, “Will doing this move me forward, sideways or backwards?”

(I know it seems odd that there would be a backwards, but let me put it this way, if it’s on your list to help you procrastinate and avoid doing something that would REALLY move you forward then it qualifies.)

Keep, Leverage & Get Rid Of: This is how you handle the items now that they are labeled Forward, Sideways, Backwards

Forward: Keep

Sideways: Ask yourself if this really needs to be done, if the answer is ‘Yes’ then is there someone else you can leverage it to?

Backwards: GET RID OF IT!

If you really want to get yourself moving toward the things you desire you MUST get rid of the things that are on your ‘To Do’ list that aren’t moving you closer to what you want.

Do this now!

I guarantee there are at least 3 things you can get rid of if you’re completely honest with yourself…


Oh, I have never thought of that…moving sideways and backward! Such a good point to think about!