Know Your Goals



“A Goal Properly Set is Halfway Reached.” ~Zig Ziglar


Here is a business motivation technique that you’ll want to use that is guaranteed to help you see progress in your business. Set aside time to identify what your goal is for the quarter, the month, and work it all the way down to the week.

What’s your ONE BIG thing that you want to accomplish this week that will bring you closer to your goal?

I am a paper & pen kind of gal. To keep me organized and on track I will write down what my big goal for the quarter is on the top of my paper. Then, I will break that goal down into action items that can be accomplished over the 4 months. Lastly, I will break up those action items in to small steps that can be done over the course of the weeks. Every week I write down my 1 big thing that I want to accomplish that week that I know will get me closer to my goals, and every day I will chip away at it to get it done.

You need to be clear on what those goals are! It’s great to plan to reach a new rank by a given date but if you haven’t mapped out how you are going to get there, it just isn’t going to materialize overnight. You can’t set your sights on something and then go eat a sandwich until it shows up in your lap.

So set some specific, measurable action items for this quarter, this month, and this week!


I really need to be better at this! Such great advice. I am just really full and not anywhere closer to my dreams… #nomoresandwiches