Ingredient for Massive Momentum

The key ingredient, the essential piece, the unspoken code is to FOCUS on and CELEBRATE the baby steps!

~ Kristen Howe
It has been proven by science, that what we focus on, literally expands. That means we have daily opportunities to focus on the good, on the progress, on each of our completed steps. Those are milestones paving our road to success. Our focus and gratitude for them will generate the momentum for you beyond imaginable. FEEL gratitude for the baby step you just took and celebrate it.Try doing it each day, and you will be amazed at what starts transpiring in your life!


What a great reminder! I really need to start a gratitude journal again!


Yeah, I need to infuse more gratitude in my entires too… I love the idea of celebrating the baby steps!

… … :footprints:


oh I love this. It is so true when you wake up and think today will be a great day it usually is. When you wake up and think the opposite you have a bad day. Can’t wait to see where all the baby steps are taking us :slight_smile: