How do you share Plexus with strangers? (especially older folks)


Here is the scoop…

I was at the store the other day and the woman behind me started telling me about this clean eating diet she was doing. I wanted to tell her that Plexus would work amazingly with her clean eating. She was older around 70ish. I did not feel like she would be on Facebook we did not connect that way. Which is how I usually connect with people. I just add them as a friend right then and there. I feel like I really missed an opportunity. What do I do next time? I am thinking maybe businesses cards and samples in my purse, always!!! I don’t know what do you guys think?



I love the idea of a business card! Or you could always ask for an email. That seems less scary for people to give away than a phone number. Then you have the ability to reach out to her instead of just hoping she will reach out to you! Great job talking to people and getting connected!


I always hate it when I feel like I missed an opportunity!

First off, I would say that you never know whether or not someone is on Facebook. Even my 80+ yo grandparents are on instagram, so they can see the lives of all their grandkids.

So I’d probably say something like: “I recently started doing something and I’d love to hear what you think about it… what’s the best way to connect with you? Do you do any social media, or can I give you a call sometime?”

You never know what response you’ll get, but you’ll always fail if you never try!

Keep trying!