How Do You Measure Freedom?


“Our freedom can be measured by the number of things we can walk away from.”

~ Vernon Howard

That’s an interesting thing to think about. Take a moment for introspection. If that quote were your yardstick, how would you measure the freedom in your life?

I used to be owned by “the man” because I made a willful agreement to build the vision and dreams of other entrepreneurs in exchange for a steady paycheck. They had great ideas and I was happy trading my time for money… or so I convinced myself.
But was I free?

The software startups I worked for said that employees could have “unlimited PTO” which is rather uncommon in Corporate America.
But was I free?

For the past 5 years, on average, I worked about 50-65 hours/week. And I loved what I was doing! I had so much autonomy and trust from my employers because I was always producing high-quality deliverables. I even had the luxury of being able to work from home whenever I wanted. At one point I worked from home for about 2 years!
But was I free?!

Even though I worked from home, I would wake up and head straight down to my office… work all day and enjoy a meal whenever my wife brought one down to me. Occasionally I’d take a quick break to offer some hugs n kisses to my littles, or chat with my wife. That’s amazing right?! What other job allows you to see your kids throughout the workday?! But then after a short break, I was back to the grind… usually even until after 11pm.
So, was I free?!

The reality is that I was never free. I could never “walk away” from what I was doing because if I did, then the paychecks would stop, and I wouldn’t be able to provide for my family of 6!

So, what is network marketing?

Plexus and other network marketing opportunities are so incredible because they give us an opportunity to change lives on a massive scale, and be rewarded for doing so.

In 2017 Proctor and Gamble spent over $7.1 Billion… YES… BILLION dollars, in advertising their products, most of which you know: Pampers, Old Spice, Crest, Oil of Olay, Tide, Gillette, Pantene, Bounty, and the list goes on.) Then they pay even more millions to retailers that sell their products on the shelves where we buy them, from Costco, or Walmart, or another local department or grocery store.

Network marketing companies have a business model that is completely opposite. Smart network marketing Companies make products that people love and can’t live without… products that really enhance the health and happiness of their customers. Then instead of spending millions on marketing, they spend nothing. They allow loyal product users to be the marketing voice and share their stories with others and do the “advertising” for them, and then they offer generous rewards to those involved in sharing their products with others. All of those marketing dollars get shared with you and me if we are willing to simply share something that’s blessed our lives.

I consider that a new level of freedom. If I can spend my days and my time telling people about something that has blessed my life and made monumental changes in other peoples lives, then I could do that all day long! And as those I bless choose to help others enjoy the improved health that we’re enjoying, I start to see residual cash flow coming in. Plexus (in my case) starts paying me for marketing/sharing their life-enhancing and life-changing products! I am selling other products for Walmart and Costco and other companies all the time, and they don’t give me a dime for bringing them new business!

Now if you ask me that question one more time… “But Jordan… are you really free?” I would answer that I am not COMPLETELY free… YET. But I’m on a path that leads to freedom, much sooner in my life than the path I was on when I was working the 9-5 (which for me was actually 9am to midnight!) in Corporate America.

I recently watched a great #manbassador video with two gentlemen I really respect and look up to - Erik Paul and Chris Mccoll. What a duo! Here’s a little clip from the video that really resonates as Chris talks about the lack of freedom we have with traditional jobs, and the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” way of thinking and trading time for money. What Corporate America jobs will put you on the path to Diamond or even Saphire or Emerald? Let me know if you know of one… but don’t plan on me joining that Corporate America MLM scam! ツ