How Do Plexus Ambassadors Get Paid? (Compensation Explanation)


The Plexus Compensation Plan is touted as one of the most generous compensation plans in all the world of network marketing. There are 11 different ways in which a Plexus Ambassador earns commissions and bonuses, which is amazing! Having your customers buying Plexus products is just one of the ways that you earn commissions.

In the video below, Diamond :gem: Ambassador Sonya Dudley clearly outlines a couple of the ways that you make money when building your Plexus business.

At the end of the day though, let’s not forget why we do what we do. We’re not sharing or selling snake oil. We are sharing and selling some of the best supplements to human health, that nature has to offer!

Plexus products are changing peoples lives every single day! But don’t just take my word for it! People are using Plexus to help them shave off stubborn pounds. While others are using Plexus supplements to help with depression, anxiety, and extreme fatigue… I can attest to this as I’ve seen the Plexus TriPlex (Slim, ProBio5, BioCleanse) and VitalBiome help my wife and her vitality like I haven’t seen since before she had our first baby! Also, here’s a trimmed down story of Christy Jex and how Plexus has helped her. She is incredbile, and I’m so grateful that Plexus has helped her so that she can have the energy and zeal to be a light to so many others as she shares Plexus with them!

Here today, #jewelbound tomorrow!