Daily checkin for 2018-12-01


Take a moment to check-in and hold yourself accountable for your goals!

Post a reply in the morning to share your plans for the day, and/or come back in the evening to share your success or crow about what you accomplished today with your goals!


Well, it’s 12:40 am right now, on December 1st! I’m supposed to start my challenge today but we’re having a gathering at our church, in the morning, for breakfast. Maybe I enjoy that yummy breakfast feast, and then use Lean for lunch and dinner? What do y’all think?!


Old Me: I’ll start again in January. It’s too hard in December to say no to all this good food.

New Me: It’s Monday which means another FRESH WEEK! Let’s do this!


Yes!!! You are awesome! I have done pretty good today. I just need to stick with it!


That’s what I said the past two days! But today I was a champ and stuck with it!

:thinking: except for that time when Noella meandered into the office and brought me a couple tortilla chips. I couldn’t resist that cute face offering to share with me!