Daily Check-in for 2019-01-15


Take a moment to check-in and hold yourself accountable for your goals!

Post a reply in the morning to share your plans for the day, and/or come back in the evening to share your success or crow about what you accomplished today with your goals!


My IPA time dissappeared before I knew it, today! But I’ll publicly commit to send at least 5 cold messages today! Yesterday I called cold leads but none of them answered!


Today was busy with work and then our small group, but tonight I was able to sit down and send out 6 messages to prospects for a opportunity event we’re hosting at our home in two weekends! Praying for at least 15 people for this event! Would you guys pray with us that it will be BIGGER than anything we could hope or imagine??


:pray: You’re in our prayers, Arin! That would be amazing to have 15 folks show up!


How many folks made it out to your event?!