Challenges finding Plexus business builders?


I vividly remember back in my late 20’s, when I was single and dating. I received some compelling advice that really changed my perspective and, more importantly, my behavior/actions as I was searching to find that girl of my dreams! :princess:

The advice I received was that I stop trying to find that perfect companion, but instead focus on BEING the perfect companion! The reality is that if I found the perfect person, she certainly wouldn’t want me (the way I was at that time!)

When I truly embraced this principle, I began a steady effort of personal development so that when I met that woman of wonder, she might give me a shot because she could see I was worth her time, because she would notice that I’m on a path to BE the perfect companion.

I was looking inward on how I could be my perfect self!

So what in the world does this have to do with helping us find Plexus business builders?!

Tara Castaneda (Diamond+) has offered similar advice on how to find business builders for your team. It won’t happen overnight, and that’s okay! Take her counsel to heart and you’ll be following the path of Tara and many other exemplary Plexus leaders.

Check out this short 2 minute clip: