6 Tips To Grow Your Plexus Business | Timie Yancey


Today I watched an incredibly insightful Youtube video where then Sr. Ruby Ambassador, Timie Yancey, talked about how she gets so many Plexus SELLERS/Buyers. Timie is now a Plexus Diamond :gem: Ambassador and you can click here to watch her Diamond Documentary.

Here’s a quick summary of the video so you don’t have to watch the whole thing, but if there’s a part that stands out to you, I have some quick links that will take you to each of the 6 Tips that Timie Yancey shares, with the full video embedded below…

Click/Tap to expand and see notes on each section...

Video Link to Tip 1

*She noted: Average Diamond Ambassador has 20-30 level 1’s (and it usually takes someone 1-2 years to become Diamond)
*She noted: As of this video she just turned Sr. Ruby and had about 150 level 1’s under her (her goal is 200!)

  1. “Be the type of person that you find interesting… that you like… and want to hang out with”
  2. “Please don’t post negative stuff!"
  3. “You need to be fun… and interesting”
  4. Think about everyone else that’s selling something on FB. You need to to stand out and be different… be interesting!

Video Link to Tip 2

  1. Be honest. Be Realistic. If you’re not losing weight… don’t post about weight loss.
  2. Talk about your WHY!
    1. Why do you love Plexus?
    2. Timie’s #1 seller is the probiotic, because “I love it and talk about it all the time.” She has a lot of Mom’s on FB who are exhausted and this totally helps them with that. This product has been life changing for them!
  3. Know your audience and be honest with them.
    1. What kind of people are on your FB and what could they benefit from?
      1. Diabetics? Moms who are tired? Teachers who are tired? People that need weight loss?
      2. Don’t be scared to reach out to them
    2. You can’t just post on social media (FB, Twitter, Youtube)
    3. Talk to 2-3 people per day - do it in different venues and ways
      1. In person… Super awkward at first!
      2. Gets easier
      3. Becomes a habit and becomes natural
      4. You’ll be surprised at how well you’re received, face to face!
  4. Share with your friends and fam first… then move on…
    1. “Not all of us can afford to pass out a bunch of samples… but pass out as many as you can!
      Some people say it doesn’t work, but it does. I promise you… I have crazy sales… I promise you passing out samples works!”
    2. Specials are great when people are trying to go Gold, Sr. Gold, or Ruby… offer to pay shipping, etc.
Tip 3 - DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS - “That is the biggest joy stealer!”

Video Link to Tip 3

  1. It’s tiring. It’s sad. You’re never going to feel good about yourself. It’s our nature, but don’t do it!
  2. What do DO NEED TO DO is “Work Systematically"
    1. Know your goal & write down things that will get you there
      1. e.g. When you’re a new seller, what’s your goal?
        1. Get 2 preferred customers. Why? It will help pay for your products…
        2. Get 3 ambassadors to rank up to Silver…
        3. Get 20 sellers to rank up to Gold (this is the “biggest jump of all the ranks!”)
        4. Get 50 sellers to rank up to Sr. Gold
    2. “Set Goals Systematically. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Go at your own pace. Compete with yourself. Give yourself goals. Give yourself a timeline. Know when you want to do it. And… GO FOR IT!

Video Link to Tip 4

  1. Don’t share junk, just because you saw something on your stream
  2. Timie’s ONE RULE - Only share generic posts if it’s jaw-dropping, or it’s your friend! High Quality. Very Compelling
  3. Post every single day!
  4. If you’re constantly sharing Plexus and then stop, you’re sending a message. “Plexus must be a fad… doesn’t work!"
  5. Many people have told Timie that she and her posts really stood out from what everyone else was posting!

Video Link to Tip 5

  1. Constant communication with people. Open Dialogue. Why?
    1. People are fickle
    2. People are impulsive
  2. If you wait 24 hours to message someone, you’re gonna miss ‘em!
  3. Follow Up! “The fortune is in the follow-up!"
    1. “There’s a fine line between being super annoying, and following up. I try to walk that line… very carefully! ツ Sometimes I follow up 3, and 4, and 5 times!”
    2. “Okay… I know you were talking about wanting to join Plexus… are you ready to join now?!"

Video Link to Tip 6

  1. Be observant
  2. Listen
  3. 50% of prospects will show themselves to you because THEY WILL GIVE YOU CLUES!
    1. Someone on FB might be talking about how much pain they’re in. They’re not getting good sleep (Ease and Probiotics can help them!)
    2. Your kid’s teacher. They are often exhausted. (The Slim and Probiotics will help with their energy level!)
    3. Do you know someone who’s diabetic and talking about their struggles?
    4. Someone in a grocery store talking about not feeling very well these days… tired… exhausted…
  4. 50% of prospect will show themselves to you because THEY WILL SEE YOUR RESULTS!
    1. “If you take your Plexus products consistently, you’re gonna have a story!”
      1. May not be weight loss. It may be more energy. It may be better sleep. It may be less pain. Know your “WHY?”
      2. Maybe you: look better, your hair’s better, your nails are better, you’re skinnier, you’re not exhausted, you’re making a ton of money and going on amazing trips because Plexus spoils you!!! :laughing:
    2. You just have to know how to respond when people shoe their interest; Know your products!!! Slowly and steadily learn (Daily Gems are a great way to LEARN DAILY!)

SIDE NOTE Timie said that she makes lists of everyone she wants to follow up with or who could benefit from the product. She makes reminders for herself through and follows up on her lists each week.

Here today, #jewelbound tomorrow!