3 Tips & Scripts to Close Potential Customers | Timie Yancey


I’m so grateful for Diamond :gem: Ambassador, Timie Yancey, and all of the empowering advice that she so graciously offers in all of her YouTube videos. In this video, (at the bottom of this post,) Timie provides 3 powerful tips that will help you close or seal the deal with any fence sitters you have.

Timie Yancey suggests that you "never slow the speed of your business down, when someone holds you up!” If there are things that are slowing your business cycle down, use these three tips for sealing the deal or moving on so you’re not wasting time prospecting with someone who is not ready to say YES right now!

I was surprised to hear Timie say that “Everyone that has joined my team has pretty much told me NO at one point or another” You just need to know how to circle back around and seal the deal.

Click any of the TIPS below to expand an outline/summary of Timie Yancey’s suggestions and scripts for closing or sealing the deal with your prospects!

TIP 1: VIDEO CALL with them (Zoom, Skype or other Video chat tool) ➞ The key is to get face to face!
  1. “Hey ________, we have talked about Plexus for a while and you’ve asked… so many great questions. I have talked to one of my best friends who is so knowledgeable in the products. I want to get you on a call with me and her real quick and let’s figure out what the best regimen would be for you. And then you can hear what she has to say about her suggestions and we can go from there! Okay?
  2. On the call go over the plan that would be perfect for that person
  3. Timie also like to talk about the business b/c it’s been as life changing as the products! She always at least tries!
  4. Getting on that 3-way zoom helps the downline sponsor to learn more about the products + build their confidence and learn how to close a deal, from the more seasoned sponsor. Shows the potential customer that it’s a team atmosphere and that they, as an individual, are valued + they’re going to learn more!
TIP 2: BE HONEST with them (You may have someone who asks tons of questions and then stop responding)
  1. (To close family or friends) “Hey ________, you’ve asked a ton of questions about Plexus… you’ve seemed so interested. Listen… I value our friendship… if you’re just having a hard time telling me NO, I want you to know that it’s not going to change our friendship. You can tell me NO… it is totally okay”
    1. That let’s this person off the hook.
    2. They’re going to be more honest with you b/c they see you value their friendship. They’re not just a sale!
  2. (To someone that’s not as close fam or friend) “Hey _______, we have talked back and forth. You have asked a ton of questions. I know you’re interested in these products. I’m just curious… what is it exactly that is holding you back?”
    1. Then hold off and let them tell you. Asking an open ended question encourages them to give you a real reason instead of a YES or NO.
    2. Something about the phrase “I’m just curious” makes people want to respond and tell you
  3. Better to ask and get the YES or NO… from a person so you don’t waste time
TIP 3: SPECIAL OFFER or secret incentive for fence sitters
  1. Hey _________! I have got some great news for you! I know you have been wanting to try the TriPlex, and it is life-changing. Not only do we have a 60-day money back guarantee, but it’s your lucky week b/c I am having a special offer on these products. I am giving away a free water bottle with the purchase of a TriPlex.” Or something like that
  2. Make up a special incentive for individual people… a “Call to Action”. Sometimes people just need a reason to act now.
  3. A secret incentive for special people, to push them over the line

At a couple points during the video, Timie Yancey talked about Leslie Zann and some of the coaching she received from Leslie’s leadership classes, as she was building her business. Timie references a “FRANKS” list which stands for “Friends - Relatives - Associates - Neighbors - Kids - Spouse”Always be adding to your business funnel. Keep adding to your FRANKS list. The Yancey’s add an extra “S” to their FRANKS list which includes “Strangers!"